Engineering Plastic Products

SPVC offer you not only the variety of high quality engineering plastic materials but we are pleased to provide professional advice as well

Our products

PP Sheet

Polypropylene Homopolymer ,Permanent-heat stability ,PP-H, Homogeneous Crystalline ,High chemical resistance to acid and alkali, High impact strength, light weight

PE Sheet

Product line-up: LDPE sheet, HDPE plate, PE100 sheet, PE300, PE500 sheet, PE1000 sheet, HDPE pipe and fittings, HDPE welding rod, HDPE rod, PE1000 rod, PE bar

PVC Sheet

Product line-up: PVC sheet, PVC plate, UPVC pipe and fittings, UPVC valves, UPVC welding rod, PVC rod, PVC hollow rod, PVC hexagonal bar, PVC angle bar, UPVC profile

CPVC Sheet

Product line-up: CPVC sheet, CPVC plate, CPVC pipe and fittings, CPVC welding rod, CPVC rod